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Australian Insulation  Foundation Ltd

Go Green Insulation Scheme

Mandatory Australian Thermal Insulation.

To comply with the Australian existing building thermal insulation standards.

Introduction role out:

  • Prior to all residential/occupied properties to be leased or sold.
  • All existing Australian residential/occupied properties.
  • Including accommodation properties, offices.

Australian thermal insulation standards 

Thermal insulation incentives for all Australian residential/occupied properties.  

ATO’s immediate asset write-off rules:

Owner-occupied Australian households.

  • 100% Tax incentive for thermal insulation installed, including the removal of old existing insulation and all costs involved.

Investment/residential/occupied properties.

  • 100% tax incentive for thermal insulation installed, including the removal of old existing insulation and all costs involved.

The Tax incentive will only be available as a one-off tax incentive claim per household/occupied property.

A TFN/ABN holder can claim further tax incentives for providing thermal Insulation to other households including investment properties, granny flats, family or piers properties.            

Requirements for a Tax incentive

Households: To receive the tax incentive for thermal insulation must be carried out by a registered Insulation business.

  • Hold an Australian ABN.
  • Registered with a National Insulation registry body e.g. ICANZ/Clean Energy Council.

A minimum rating value of R4 thermal insulation to be installed, this includes top-ups to existing insulation.

Mandatory receipt details to be retained.

  • Clients full name and address of the insulated property.
  • Date of insulation installed.
  • Installers address, phone number, email.
  • Business ABN.
  • Installer’s industry registration number. ICANZ/Clean Energy Council,
  • Brand of thermal insulation product installed.
  • R-value installed.
  • Insulation removal/ type of insulation removed.
  • Amount of square metres of the thermal insulation
  • Receipts to be retained 5 years

A checklist to be available & provided on the ICANZ/Clean Energy Council websites.

ATO lodgement   

An additional TAB button for thermal Insulation to be implemented on the Tax return self-lodging, enabling the TFN/ABN holders to enter the above information.

To receive the thermal insulation Tax incentive:

National Insulation registration requirements: Implemented by e.g. ICANZ or the Clean Energy Council.

  • Thermal insulation manufactures.
  • Thermal insulation installation businesses.
  • Thermal insulation installers.
  • Thermal insulation removal businesses.


  • Existing insulation business minimum of 1 year.
  • All installers to have completed an accredited insulation course within 3 months of employment. Subsidised.
  • Public Liability Insurance and Work Cover.

This will ensure:

  • Mandatory registration
  • All insulation works are regulated and complied.
  • No pop-up insulation business to arise and exist.


Mandatory policy for all co-existing old cellulose thermal insulation to be removed as it may pose potential fire threat and health hazards

An independent inquiry to determine the potential combustibility of old cellulose thermal insulation with the possible breakdown of the Borax fire retardant.

NILS. (No Interest Loan Scheme)

Interest-free loans will be available for Low-income earners.

  • Receiving full or partial government benefits.
  • Meet NILS criteria for the incentive.

The loan amount could be increased for this scheme to $2500.

General information

Insulation services costings.

As a guideline pricing for the installed or removal of insulation services proved.

  • Cost of insulation installed $12 per m2.
  • Vacuuming up to $5.00
  • Removal up to $10 per m2

Education material for the public will ensure insulation companies cannot take advantage of the purchaser.