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Fed UP with organisations and Politicians barking about climate change…NOT US!

We are making real change by installing thermal insulation.

  • If every home and office in Australia were insulated, we would reduce our greenhouse emissions by a staggering 18,000,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. Save the economy $600,000,000 utility bills per year.
  • Reduce our power consumption by 23 billion kWh per year
  • This will eliminate the need for Coal power.
  • ADINA would not need to exist.

Read our policies to find out how our policies will ensure climate change.

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Have R4.1 Thermal insulation installed into your home, Investment, Office regardless if your home/office is insulated. If it was installed prior to 2012, you would need additional insulation added. Simply replace with R4 thermal insulation or add on top your existing insulation.

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