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Though your existing insulation may not provide you adequate thermal protection, if still intact and clean it may still be ok. By adding to your existing insulation it will offer you a higher thermal protection, saving you the cost expense of removing the old insulation, and reduces insulation waste to landfill.

Example: if your existing insulation is R.2 with new R4 insulation batts added you will have R.6. On a hot day say 32 degrees R.2 will only provide you 2-3 hours protection in the morning until the radiant heat penetrates through your insulation into your living space, sometimes feeling like your indoor temperature is hotter than the outside. With R4 EarthWool installed on top of your existing insulation you will gain 3 times the thermal protection and significantly improve your thermal and acoustic insulation barrier.

Benefits of removing old insulation

Removal of your old insulation and dust will rid of all potential harmful and fire hazards such as leaf litter, building waste debris, rodent faeces, air borne partials contaminated with Carbon Dioxide from leaded petrol, asbestos, decaying rodents, leaves, and even bird nests. It also allows us to inspect your ceilings and roof space condition, we also will provide you with photos of areas that needs repair.

Our services

A contribution of $1.00  per square metre we install into you place funds free insulation for WA social housing tenants. 

Roof without Insulation

Removal of Old Insulation

From $7.00 per square metre

Insulation Extractor


From $5.00 per square metre

Roof with Insulation

Knauf EarthWool insulation.

R4. From $11.00 per square metre R5. From $15.00 per square metre R8. From $21.00 per square metre

Joist strapping

Joist re-strapping

Onsite quotation required

Roof Ventilation

Whirlybird vent


             Zinc: $185 – Fully Installed

Colourbond: $195 – Fully Installed

Whirlybird vent


            Zinc: $210 – Fully Installed

Colourbond: $220 – Fully Installed