Social Housing

Social Housing Insulation

Homes without insulation
“Like living in tents in cities”
     -Stan Wisniewski

How it would feel? 

If life was living in social housing without any thermal insulation protecting you and your family.
Only relying on your welfare benefits to survive!
There are hundreds of thousands of Australians living this way.

Picture this!

You learn that tomorrow the temperature will be 38c. Today was bad enough being 32c . The house hasn’t even had a chance to cool down yet. The next day you wake early, stressed with lack of sleep as the fan you had on last night was noisy and made little difference keeping you cool. Your home starts to heat around 8 am by 1 pm the home is unbearable. You have your air conditioner on high and you are literally right in front of it, and all you think of is how you are going to pay for your next power bill. Truth is most of the social housing tenants don’t have air conditioning and if they did they would be fearfully using it.

Here are some facts!

Social housing tenants are responsible for their own indoor climate control, this means if they want thermal insulation installed in their property they have to pay for it.

There are reasons for this:
1. No mandatory law in Australia for any existing housing to have or provide insulation, the law has to change for that. Please see our Policy page to see what we are doing to change this and how you can help.

2. Social housing providers are limited in funds, so they can’t afford to plus, all of their funds go towards providing new homes for our 1.8 million Australian low-income earners on the waiting list.

At least the social housing providers give the tenants the opportunity to get their own thermal insulation. If you are renting from a social housing provider and would like to inquire about thermal insulation please click the button below

There are 390,000 social housing houses across Australia and most homes built before 2012 don’t have thermal insulation.

If every social housing property in Australian had the minimum building standards of R4 value insulation installed:

  • $230 million dollars of social housing income will have saved on paying for electricity costs
    making more money for food, health and school excursions.
  • Reducing the social housing carbon footprint by 700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year.
  1. Reduces hospital visits
  2. Reduces thermal anxiety
  3. Better concentration for kids studying at home

Donate to help fund thermal insulation for social housing! 

Check your Insulation TODAY!

There are about 10 million homes in Australia and if every home in Australia had thermal insulation that met the minimal ceiling insulation to the standards of R4 value then together we all could save $6 billion dollars per year on electricity costs. Reducing Australia’s carbon footprint by 18,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year shuts down 2/3rd of Australia coal burning